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...your desire for income with your investment decisions. Our income strategies are built for today's investment environment.

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Is the Traditional Portfolio Enough?

Investors may need to expand their options beyond expensive stocks and low-yielding bonds.

Stocks are Expensive

Current CAPE Ratio*

A CAPE Ratio above 15 historically signals potential market difficulty.*

Bond Yields are Low

Current 10-Year Treasury*


New bonds are providing historically low interest income.*

Investment Solutions

Income + Growth

Resource Apartment REIT III

An income investment that focuses on today’s apartment supply-and-demand imbalance. The demand for apartments is increasing, but supply is either too expensive or outdated. Resource Apartment REIT III seeks to meet the need for updated, affordable apartments.

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Income + Capital Preservation

Resource Credit Income Fund

An income-focused investment strategy that complements core fixed income. The Resource Credit Income Fund focuses on floating-rate and senior secured assets and seeks to generate income and preserve principal.

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Income + Growth

Resource Income Opportunity REIT

An investment that accesses commercial real estate for income. Resource Income Opportunity REIT seeks to offer individual investors access to a diversified portfolio of real estate assets.

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Income + Diversification

Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund

A diversified real estate investment strategy that accesses public and private real estate assets and real estate credit. The Resource Real Estate Diversified Income Fund seeks to provide risk-adjusted income along with the benefits of transparency and flexibility.

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Closed Investments

Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT, Inc.  Learn More +
Resource Real Estate Opportunity REIT II, Inc.  Learn More +
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